Undergraduate Dental Course Description

  The Degree of Bachelor of Dentistry extends over a period of 5 academic years before the degree is awarded.  
  The course integrates basic medical sciences, clinical dentistry and practical or laboratory skills.  
  The course consists of three main components.  
  The first component consists of subjects common to Medicine and Dentistry like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology in the first and second years; general medicine and surgery in the third year.  
  The second component runs concurrently with the first and deals with special aspects of oral and dental issues, oral biology and oral pathology.  
  The third component based on the first two deals with clinical and technical aspects of dentistry and hands on experience as required for general dental practice.  
  Towards the final stage of clinical training each student is involved in comprehensive oral care or holistic approach to enable them to plan and treat patients as a whole instead of piece-meal treatment in each specialty.  
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