Students Credentials


Dr.Sai Subramaniyam

Studying in tagore dental college gave me the knowledge and confidence to succeed in my future endeavors, I am forever grateful to the wonderful teachers who moulded me .

Dr. Anusha

Tagore college was a great place for learning both academic and life experiences. Every single day in tagore will be etched in our memories forever. Starting from our pre clinical skills to the way we were taught to handle a clinical situation everything was taken utmost care and perfection by the excellent faculty .forever we tagorianz will be proud and obliged to giveback to our alma mater in what ever way possible.

Dr. Michael Bernard Prashanth

I believe life is a learning process and this college has played a crucial role in it. Every downfall and praises here has always made me better.

Dr.Syed Ahmed

First day of my college I entered without knowing what is wisdom tooth but as year passed I become so wise that I treated it by restoring or extracting- this is the change that tagore dental college made in my life….Every big rock is built by the pile of stones I have grown in to this phase of dentist  because I was built and carved rightly at this college “tagore dental college”.


My college days were probably the best day of my life .and only reason for it is tagore. Our zedna batch known to be one of the thickest group of our college, our teachers knew each of us by ournames and surnames as we participated in all the possible extracurricular activities that were thrown our way. And teachers are one of main pillars of tat college only theyb are been a huge support for our careeres and life. Every single moment spent inn that college is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. And the fact that I found myself friends for life during my college phase is something I am grateful for and value.


Wonderful educators, awesome buddies, a perfect ladder behind my success..unforgettable memories for the rest of my life.

Dr. Thameemahmed.R

Tagore is the best place where knowledge is in abundance. It has given me wonderful memories which I will cherish forever.

Dr. Sumathi

Tagore is a place where we learned what life is all about.


I am proud student of tagore dental college. My college has taught me dentistry and so much more. The teachers from basic science to clinical departments  are so friendly and any doubt , be it big or small, they are always ready to clarify it. Teachers have taken active interst in my personal and professional skill development, by guiding me in each and every stage of my college life.the college has give me good amount of clinical exposure, that has helped me to develop confidence in my dental practice. Also, it has guided me in overall personality development. Today , me being recognized as a doctor in society is all because of my teachers. Thank yoyu for all your patients efforts  in growing a seed in to a plant. I m eternally grateful.

Dr.Sarah Shapthika

I am very glad to study in this college, I have wonderful experience faculty. They are very helpful and be friendly.

Dr.Lakshmi Krishnan

September 13 th 2010, a memory which remains fresh in my mind. It was my first day at tagore dental college .all of us entered the college with lots of dreams in mind, and I must say none of us are disappointed now. It was like a second hiome for us. Lovable, inspiration teachers,friendly sisters , helping seniors, affectionate juniors and what not. Everyday was a new learning experiences for us. I personally got a lot of exposure from the college, various platforms to showcase talent. Each baby step taken by us was appreciated and encouraged. We had a good exposure of patient cases and were taught new concepts almost every day. I would proudly say that I am tagorian and I promise to give back in multi folds for the college which etched my career.

Dr. Sudhakarmishra

I am from the 1 st batch of tagore dental college and most of us in my batch were from north india. From day 1 of my college life our beloved principal, director and vice principal and all staff including both teaching and non teaching staff were very helpful, make us feel at home. All equipment and dental setup are always available to use and teachers are always willing to help us learn how to use them. The college has one of the best faculty team in both basic science as well as clinical departments. They are all so cooperative and always eagerly willing to guide the students in dental as well as personal skill development. College has give me good amount of exposure to build up the clinical confidence. I am so thankful ,to teachers who guided us to create our own identify in dentistry

Dr.Alwina Sherly

A seed gives bright flowers only when it is showed at the right place. So it happened to me at this place. Tagore talent at your best. I met many who contributed to my life in one or other way. I was encouraged , appreciated ,criticized and discouraged time to time. But it always added towards my learning and helped me to learn and become better with every step. I felt the professionalism of being a genuine dentist from my  own teachers who always  respected  ethics on the first place. Wherwever I go whatever I may pursue I am proud to be a tagorian who fetched a path to my future steps.

Dr.Sanjana .P

I am really happy to be a part of tagore dental college. Staffs have helped me a lot to improve my clinical skil;ls and knowledge towards the subject. I always cant forget our beloved principal for being a support system to the students.

Dr.Sonika Vaishali

I am elated to pen the successful 10 th college magazine . I thoroughly enjoyed all   5 years of college by accepting criticize for all my right and wrong deeds. Having given this opportunity. I thank everyone starting from principal ,vice principal teaching and non teaching staf, for their tremendous support academically . sometimes we will never know the value of something until it becomes a memory goes the famous saying. And I am no exception in realizing it. Having given me all the happy and sweet memories I am also proud to be a tagorian now and forever.

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