Students Credentials



My college has been satisfactory in terms of faculty and patient inflow .infrastructure can be a little better

Nithya .S.J

College provides excellent education ,extra- curricular activities


College provides good education and good practical knowledge and infrastructure are good


My dream came true after coming to this college


Proud to be a tagorian


A place which gave me , maturity to handle all types of problem in my life

Radhika .A

Transport facility can be improved .Place  which taught me courage to face the outside world


Nice college , good teaching atmosphere .It would be good if we have AC in our college especially in prostho OP and lab


Clinical practice is done methologically ,transport facilities can be improved and more route should be included


Allowed to do many cases .hostel hygiene is not good especially drinking water


Patient flow is very good .clinical OP timing can be reduced till for interns


I like the way of teaching by all college staff panel


A place to live ,love ,learn


Lot of freedom is provided by the college to students life changer of my life


A place which one indentifies his /her hidden talents


Our college is best in teaching

Srudhy .R

Our college taught me dentistry along with that  the ways to face ups and downs of life ,care ,even  after failure how to move on, how to stay focused ,how to have confidence in oneself


This college made me to realize certain vales for life


This college gave me enough confidence to lead my life in a better way .It made me a better human being rather than a doctor .It also gave me friends for lifetime


This college brought out my inbuilt talents for art and made me work on it more

Usha .s

Nice college learnt many things it has challenged me in all walks of life.made me realize it is better to try rather then not try thanks a lot to this college

Gokula Krishnan

Had a wonderful experience and learnt a lot gave me beautiful memories to my life


College has taught me many things in my life and I learnt to outcome many problems in my life


I learnt the basics of dentistry and confidence to treat my patients in the future

Lakshmi devi

Lots of experiences from this college and learned to overcome any problem


I loved dentistry and joined feels like it’s a success ,I came as a droplet now my knowledge seems to be like river but finally my expectations never seemed to be fulfilled in term of college life


This college gave me a detailed knowledge about dentistry, I love the teaching by our professors 


I was admired by the teaching way of professors


Staff are very encouraged

Hepzibah merlin

Glad to be a CRRI in this college


Very nice to study in this college


Doing final year in this college ,is a great job to be finished


Doing final year in this college ,is a great job to be finished

Lakshmi krishnan

College is a place that remains close to the heart of all students,same goes with me ,a place to learn ,enjoy motivate the minds of all the students


It is my pre-school where I found the love (research) foundation for life


We came here as strangers ,Tagore taught us to face life with college and confidence .proud to say am a part of this esteem institution


Trust, worthy , kairasi , my Tagore , my right

Divya .S

Proud to study in this college .It taught me how to handle every situation of life

Divya .G

The hardships which I struggle hoping that it will mould myself to be a better doctor

Divya nandhini

College taught me to live life with confidence


Place where I found my new family (my friends ) ,the place which made me a professional without my knowledge


Tagore made my dream come true


Proud to say am a part of this esteem institution .a place to learn ,enjoy motivate the minds of all the students

Monika .D

College = family ,proud to be a part of this institution new experience new friends especially junior (happy  days of life)


Tagore , sweet memories


I gained many new experience in my life and now I am confident in treating my patients


Hoping to become a successful doctor ,from the way I have been nurtured in this institution

Israel nathanael

I got good friends .infrastructure satisfactory .institution can spend for extra co curricular

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