Mentorship Program


The students are divided into groups and about 15-20 students are assigned to a staff member, who will be the Group Head. A senior Professor will be a team leader supervising each year under whose guidance the Group Head will function.


The Group Head is responsible to assist the students in academic and co-curricular activities and rendering all help required. They are in charge of attendance, academic performance and progress of the assigned students and reporting to the parents and Principal. The team will meet once a month to discuss the progress of the assigned students and report to the Principal once in two months.The mentors meet their mentees twice a month and discuss their progress and also counsel them.

2015-16 batch Team Leader Dr. Aruna Sharma 9444364251
2014-15batch Team Leader Dr. Venkatakrishnan 9841109234
2013-14batch Team Leader Dr. S Balagopal 9840839411
2012-13 batch Team Leader Dr. Saikrishna 9840127452
Interns Team Leader Dr. S. Jimson 9940309211          
Interested parents can call up the mentors to know about the progress of their wards or discuss their grievances..  
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