Hostel Rules Regulations

A responsible person like parent / guardian, who will comply with the formalities and procedures of admitting / vacating the hostel, must accompany students seeking admission for hostel accommodation. No inmate will be allowed to vacate the hostel in the middle of the academic year or semester..
No student will be allowed to the stay in the hostel without formal admission.
The inmates of the hostel should not stay in the hostel during college working hours. Prior permission should be obtained from the HOD/warden by inmates for absence from classes.
Inmates of the hostel are expected to be in the rooms before 6 PM. They will not be permitted to enter or leave after this time limit.
Week end / overnight stay will be permitted only it authorized local Guardian / Parent requests the warden concerned.
The names of such students will be struck off the hostel rolls, if they absent themselves for 15 consecutive days without prior permission. Leave/absence will be generated only at the request of parent /guardian.
The inmates are expected not to damage any hostel property. The cost of damages caused in any room or in the premises will have to be borne by the inmates concerned.
Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and severe action will be taken against those who indulge in such activities.  
Inmates should not involve in any undesirable activities (such as smoking, drinking, gambling, writing on walls / doors etc.) within the campus.  
Once the student joins the mess, he/she shall be deemed to have become a continuous member of the mess till she vacates the hostel.
Students who are absent on the reopening day will be deemed to have joined the mess on that day and will be charged accordingly.
The inmates must strictly adhere to the following timings of the mess
Breakfast       7am    8am
Lunch 12.30 pm 1.30 pm
Tea 4.30 pm 5.30 pm
Dinner 7 pm 8.30 pm
Study hours 5 am – 7 pm 8.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Food will not be served in rooms & inmates are not allowed to take food to their rooms.
If an inmate is ill, the warden will make suitable arrangements.
Inmates cannot entertain their parents / relatives and guests in the mess without prior intimation.
Day scholars cannot be entertained as guest in the mess.
Strict discipline in the dining hall should be maintained and food is not to be wasted.
Hostel is meant for both lodging as well as boarding. No permission will be granted to use the hostel only off, when not required.
Students are advised not to keep valuables, cash in the hostel room.
Each student should see to it that the room occupied by him / her is neat and clean.
A student, who once reserves her seat by paying the fee for hostel accommodation / mess, will not be eligible for refund if she chooses not to stay in the hostel.
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