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A modern and rapidly developing institution, the TDC&H offers opportunities for undergraduate study in Dentistry, broadly called Bachelor of Dental Surgery. This degree is awarded after successful completion of four years of academic studies. The undergraduate program is judged as providing preparation for graduates to enter the profession and commence a professional career of dental practice. The curriculum consists of a set of required courses providing a core of knowledge in basic medical science and its application to dentistry. Later part of the course further develops the core abilities and provides the student, a set of broadly useful knowledge, practice and skills applicable to a variety of settings. In this part, many areas relevant to dental practice and surgery are contained within modules, while others require a sequence. In every case, the required content includes both generic information and dental service applications. The study and practice of dentistry are enhanced considerably by opportunities for observation and practice in a perfectly professional setting. This places the students in a hands-on situation.


The First BDS course starts on the 1st of September every year.


The first, second, third and fourth year students should report to College 10 days after the last university Examination. Exact dates will be announced during the Clinical/ Practical examination.

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