Community Involvement


The college sponsors and administrates several community involvement projects that enable you to serve your community, pursue your educational experience beyond the campus and further your social consciousness. The college conducts various dental and medical camps at its premises and also in schools and factories to spread the awareness of general and dental health.



We have adopted some neighboring villages to help them in health awareness, environment cleanliness, AIDS awareness, medical and dental treatment and literacy programs. This helps to create social awareness among the students. We have adopted on an orphanage and the children are brought to the college for treatment. Old age home patients are treated and given dentures free of cost. The college also offers community education programs consisting events designed to enhance the cultural and recreational needs and to farther the professional goals of students in community setting. The college coordinates district facilities and designs and implements community service programs.
  We have two satellite centers at Sadanandapuram ( about 5 km from the college). The second one is at Melakottiyur ( a  rural village 5 km from the college) having about 10 villages around it. CRRI Interns are posted in the satellite clinics for public service.
Interns conduct school dental health programs and Public Health awareness programs in the form of lectures, screening and demonstrations.

A Tobacco Cessation Clinic has been set up in our College to help the patients overcome their smoking habits and other habits due to smokeless tobacco. It


motivates the patients to gain awareness against cancer which is caused due to tobacco. It brings down the mortality rates and saves the lives of many individuals. This clinic has been started as a social responsibility.


No tobacco day and Oral hygiene days are used for patient education, awareness creation and screening. Environment day, Yoga day, Swatcha Bharath, blood donation and tree plantation are some of the national programs in which the college is involved.

78 camps were conducted in the year 2015 and 9542 patients were screened during the year. 274 extractions, 364 restorations, 38 extractions and 49 fluoride applications were done during the year at the camp site.
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