Antiragging & Gender Garrassment Measures


Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus or outside. The senior students are advised and warned about the consequences of ragging and the fresher’s are counseled regarding the same. Ant ragging Boards are put up at the college, canteen and hostel. Boards containing phones numbers to be contacted to complain about ragging are also put up at prominent places.

Regular rounds are conducted in college, hostel and canteen and surprise raids are also conducted to check the menace of ragging.

There have been no incidences of ragging in the college. Suspension for a month will be given to the person who rags as a first warning and the second incidence of ragging the student will be terminated from the college.

Undertaking are taken from both the student and parents not to indulge in ragging and any anti college activities.

Gender harassment committee is formed to prevent any harassment to the staff and students from the opposite sex. Awareness programs are also conducted and advice and counselling are done to the students and staff on gender harassment.

So far no incidence has been reported.

Awareness boards and prints are displayed for anti ragging and gender harassment and contact numbers of the staff responsible are also displayed prominently in the college premises.


Antiragging programs conducted in college






Anti Ragging awareness program,

Dr Lakshmi Ravi, DCI  Member

28th October, 2015


Menace of Ragging

Dr Yohan Chacko, Mrs S Saraswathy AddSP

30th Nov 2016


Ragging menace and  safety awareness-

DSP Mugilan

15th June 2017



Gender sensitization programs conducted in college







Health Care Prevention & Protection for women

Dr. Sampath Kumari, Dr. Premalatha



Womens day celebration

Mrs Lavanya, Counsellor



Gender harassment

Mrs. Thenmozhi.


27th April 2016

An awareness program was conducted on “Prevention of sexual Offence against Children”.

Dr Kulandhai Kasturi, Dr Pradeep
Dr Aruna Sharma


23rd June 2016

Gender Sensitisation-

Dr Murugeswari, HOD, Bharathiar university


1st March 2017

Women Health awareness program

Dr Premalatha & Dr Sampath Kumari


8th March 2017

Womens day celebrations- Gender sensitization

Dr Archana IFS


10th Oct 2017

Women  and Men Health awareness program

Dr Premalatha & Dr Sampath Kumari


2nd Nov 2017

Gender equality

Mrs. Thenmozhi.

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