Advisory Services

  Medical Advisory Service  

The college provides advice on all health matters, particularly those relevant to students. Doctors are available to offer advice and treatment.


Hepatitis B Vaccinations are done for the students once they enter the clinical year. Awareness is developed among the students regarding AIDS and other transmissible diseases and the methods of prevention and precautions to be taken.


Counseling and Advisory Services


The college has a team of trained counselors who can help you with any personal difficulties or practical problems you may have.  College offers an advisory and information service and just about everything that you may need to know during your time at TDC&H. Home sickness, any personal relationship, depression, difficulty to concentrate in your studies, or simply feel bored and not interested, difficulty to cope up with studies and other problems the counselors may suggest some ways to get over or make you feel better or help you make your own decisions.

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